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Since 1975-Working with Hollywood, New York Theatres and More...Building Costumes to your designers specifications...

Fast and Reliable!

Proud Supplier to: Cineflix Studios; Hell on Wheels (Season 3); Copper (Season2); Disney's "The Lone Ranger" (featuring Johnny Depp); SantaFe Opera; Gettysburg; Andersonville; Glory, & many more!
Below are a few of the specialized garments we have made for various customers. Do you have something special in mind?? Email us your measurements and specifications and we will do our best to make it happen! For more information or to order a costume email us at [email protected] or call 810-367-6702.
Click on the pictures below to order or to see more detail ...

1812 Enlisted Engineer Tailcoat-

Starts at $749.00 (as shown).

1812 Officer Engineer Undress Tailcoat- Starts at $699.00.

$799.00 as shown.

1880 Austrian Army Officer- Starts at $279.00.

Prince Costume

Prince Charming


Band Sackcoat-Starts at $189.00.

$369.00 as shown.

Band Uniform

Gold Braided Band Coats- Send us your designs!

Bullock Overcoat

Bullock Overcoat

Starts at $299.00 (as shown)

Circus Ringleader

Circus Ring Leader

Starts at $699.00 includes real Gold Epaulets

Nosferatu Coat

Nosferatu Coat-Starts at $299.00.

$399.00 as shown.

Pale Rider Coat

Pale Rider style Custom OverCoats- Starts at $299.00 (as shown)

Russian Overcoat

1870s Russian Overcoat-Pre-Bolshevik style.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes- Starts at $289.00. (as shown).

Various modifications can be done!

French Dolman

1914 French Dolman

Starts at $599.00

1880 Japanese Uniform

Japanese 1880 Uniform- (Let us know your needs!)

Short Band Jacket-Starts at $189.00.

$279.00 as shown. Various options available.








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