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Shoulder Knots

USMC or Artillery Officer Shoulder Knots.

Shoulder Knots as used by US Marine and Artillery Officers (on their fatigue jackets)

during the Civil War era are shown here. Technical name for these during the War was “Russian Knots”, however both terms are used today.  A gold 1/4” cord is woven in the correct pattern with red wool underlay. 

We offer two styles for Company Grade Officers (Captains and Lieutenants) -Standard and Extra Rich. The Extra Rich design has the shoulder end loops more extended. Only one style is offered for Field Grade Officers.

Ranks shown in the photo are of Second Lieutenant on both Company Grade knots and Major on the Field Grade knot as these ranks did not use any other insignia.

They are “By-the Pair” and include attaching hardware and buttons of your choice- US Marine or US Artillery Officer. 

Russian Shoulder Knots start at $49.00 per pair.

Quantity: pair        Rank:

Rank Insignia: Buttons Desired:

If ordering a coat now, should we sew the attaching hardware to your coat shoulders?


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