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US Officer Foot Trousers

Historical Note: Many Officers continued to wear the Model 1858 dark blue trousers they had well after 1862 as long as they were serviceable.


#701 US Army and Navy OFFICER'S Foot TROUSERS Era 1852 to 1871

The 1858 Army Regulations called for officer's of all branches to wear Dark Blue trousers with the appropriate branch of service colored cord welt (piping) in the out seam. Generals and Staff Officer's trousers were to be plain without any piping.

The 1862 Uniform Regulations changed the trouser color to Sky Blue for line officers (Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry) and continued the branch colored piping. Generals and their staff officers were to continue wearing Dark Blue trousers. However, 1861 Regulations now called for Staff Officer's trousers to have a 1/8" gold metallic piping. General's trousers continued to be plain without any piping. All officer trousers are custom order, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

US Navy Officers order the 1861 Dark Blue trousers with side seam pockets and belted back options and delete the colored piping for Undress.

All Officers Trousers are custom made. It is extremely important you provide us with the proper measurements. Custom clothing is not returnable.  

#701 US Officer Foot Trousers in Standard Wool start at: $135.00 (Includes Rank Piping, Except gold) ($135.00 without rank trim)


Rank Trim:

Option: Pocket Style:

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Leg Width:

Hemmed? (please measure twice, hemmed trousers cannot be returned)

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