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1862 Commander's Undress Frockcoat with optional shoulder boards.

1862 Commander's Undress Frockcoat with optional shoulder boards.

#2060 US Naval Officer's Undress Frockcoat

The Naval Officer's double breasted frockcoat was used for Undress from 1852 thru 1880. Our coat is made from our 20 ounce dark blue wool with a deluxe grade of office's wool available at extra cost.

The Naval Frockcoat is double breasted with two rows of 9 large US Naval buttons equally spaced in each row. There are four large buttons on the back of the coat with pockets in the folds of the skirt also. No buttons on the sleeves, except for 1852 model. The body has a black cotton lining and the sleeves are lined with natural cotton.  

We offer models based on either the 1852, 1862 or 1864 Regulations for US Naval Officer's sleeve braid systems. In 1864, a star was added on each sleeve above the lace to designate Line Officer. Sleeves without the star indicate a staff officer.

Made in the USA!

Coats shown here are custom made. Because custom orders are not returnable, please go to the measurements page and submit your measurements when you order.  

US Naval Officer Frockcoat starts at: $409.00 (in Standard 20oz Wool)

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 Shoulder Boards and Sleeve lace designs for the various model years.












































































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