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US Marine Epaulets


Top View of Marine Officer's Gold Epaulets.
1859-74 Civil War era US Marine Officer's Gold Epaulets

Marine Officers were to wear gold Epaulets with the Full Dress Uniform. Our beautiful reproduction Gold Epaulets are available in three different diameters of gold bullion (also called "fringe") for the different ranks. All officer ranks feature the Silver embroidered Bugle and "M" with Scarlet circle in the crescent end. Silver rank insignia may be ordered to complete the Epaulets, and if ordered, is pinned to the strap by the customer. Attaching Hardware and instructions are included. (Imported)

Rank insignia are available at extra cost and are in stock. Supplied loose for you to install. The ranks of Second Lieutenant and Major do not have any insignia on the Epaulets- the fringe diameter alone designates the rank.

PLEASE NOTE- Typically, Marine Officer Epaulets are NOT IN STOCK and take about 8 weeks to get custom made from our supplier overseas.




US Marine Officer's Gold Epaulets start at $199.00 pr for 2nd Lieutenant.

Quantity: pair


Rank Insignia:

Attach hardware to your coat shoulders?

US Marine Epaulet Insignia starts at $10.00

Quantity: pair

Rank Insignia:























































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