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Us Officer Eppaulettes


  • #5899 has the 1/2" gold fringe for ranks of Major thru General.
  • #5898 has the 1/4" fringe for Captains.
  • #5897 has 1/8" fringe for Lieutenants.
1832-71 Civil War era US Army Officer's Gold Epaulets

From 1832 to 1851, Army Officers (except Infantry) were to wear gold Epaulets with the Full Dress Uniform. Infantry Officers were to wear Silver Epaulets. In 1851 the color for Infantry was changed to Gold also. Our beautiful reproduction Gold Epaulets are available in three different diameters of gold bullion (also called "fringe") for the different ranks; Second Lieutenants thru General in Chief from 1851 thru 1871. Generals only after 1871 until 1889. Starting in 1872 officer ranks below General were to use the Shoulder Knots. Attaching Hardware and instructions included. (Imported)

Rank insignia are available at extra cost and are in stock. Supplied loose for you to install. The ranks of Second Lieutenant and Major do not have any insignia on the Epaulets- the fringe diameter designates the rank.

Regimental Discs are available at extra cost and take about 6-8 weeks to get from the maker.(Imported) If you order these, specify Branch of Service and Regimental number desired. These can be ordered thru the specific choice boxes below and are left for you to install. Generals and officers serving on the General Staff did not wear Regimental discs. Epaulets for Specific Staff Officers are available on custom order- Please Enquire.



US Army Officer's Gold Epaulets start at $189.00 pr for 2nd Lieutenant.

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Attach hardware to your coat shoulders?

Regimental Disc?

Specify Regimental Number if ordering Regimental Discs: (Leave blank if ordering Staff Epaulets).



comparison of Original and our Reproduction Epaulette

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